Kelso Angling Association

Kelso Angling Association has closed the waters under our control in line with Government recommendations during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Whilst not mandatory it is the strong recommendation of Fisheries Management Scotland that we should refrain from fishing during the lockdown period. Permits cannot be bought as both of the tackle shops are closed for the duration of the pandemic.

Founded in 1859 the Association is believed to be the third oldest in the world.

The Association has obtained from the Riparian owners the right to fish for trout and grayling on ten miles of the best water on the River Tweed and Teviot. This water affords excellent trout and grayling fishing and has been productive of many fine baskets both in weight and number. See Tweed Map page and Teviot map page for details of our fishing.

The Association’s river watcher is on the riverside regularly, and is always pleased to give visitors the benefit of his advice and experience.

The Association has salmon fishing rights on the River Teviot which are restricted to full members of the Association living within some of the local parishes.